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Snowbird Taxes is specialized in all your US real estate accounting needs as a Canadian. Have you just sold a property in the US? Are you renting a property you own down the States? Our turnkey solution will make your US tax requirements as hassle-free as possible. We aim at providing a one-stop, simple and professional solution. We know foreign taxes can be a headache and generate unnecessary stress. Our main objective at Snowbird Taxes is to alleviate this burden by making it transparent, with an available team of experts you can always reach out to.

Efficiency is a core value at Snowbird Taxes, and one that is too often missing in the accounting industry. We take pride in offering quick service to our customers, without compromising the quality of the work provided.

Why Choose Us

When you sell or rent your house or condo in the US, you’re often directed to US-based accounting firms. If we have no doubt in their expertise regarding US residents taxation, our experience shows they are often confused regarding the correct approach for non-US residents. This is not an issue you’ll have with us. US taxes for Canadian residents is our main area of expertise.

Snowbird Taxes is also a team composed of many Certifying Acceptance Agents, making it possible to easily obtain your ITIN – a required number to file a US tax return – without the burden of going through Passport Canada, or sending your passport to Texas for many months. We keep everything on our side of the border!

Our team is composed of experienced tax preparers with a senior accountant with the Enrolled Agent title. This certification is one of the highest you can get regarding US taxation.

Our firm is also one of the rare Canadian-based one having US e-filing capacity, making the delays to get your refund as short as possible.

About Us

We at Snowbird Taxes together have decades of experience filing US returns. We know the ins and outs of the IRS and have become accustomed to all the different issues that could arise, with their adequate solution.

Every member of the team is a Certifying Acceptance Agent, making the process of obtaining your ITIN as efficient as possible.

The company was founded on the same guiding principles that had made our success, being an impeccable customer service, transparent and professional services, and the guarantee that your tax situation will be handled to completion.

Our Managing Team

Snowbird Taxes was founded by Philippe Jette, Jeneviève Osborne-Fortier, Martin Lalonde and Yves Bouchard. Together, we have a wide range of expertise and relations to address most, if not all the needs you might have. Contact us and see why so many Canadian owners are choosing us!

Philippe Jette


Jeneviève Osborne-Fortier

Vice-President, BAA

Martin Lalonde


Yves Bouchard


Jonathan Menard

ASFP, Coordinator and Analyst

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What People Say?

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Radiyah Chowdhury
Radiyah Chowdhury
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Jenevieve was very professional and helpful as I filed U.S. taxes while in Canada. He offered advice while I tried to figure out the system on my own and then when I ultimately decided to retain his business, he was always responsive and quick to get the job done. He also offered the most affordable price I could find. Would recommend!
Robert Porco
Robert Porco
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Phillipe was a pleasure to work with, and made the process quick and painless. It's a one-off type of service so I can't really be a repeat customer, but I'll certainly be recommending the service to my friends and colleagues if the need ever comes up.
Andrea Kober
Andrea Kober
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I am really happy that I found Philippe's business! I was speaking to several accountants and the responses I received were sub par. I was quite frustrated as I had lots of questions/concerns and wanted to hire someone but no one was giving me the time and support I needed. Philippe answered ALL of my questions, (I had a lot) and he answered in a timely fashion. I was impressed because he was offering me support without getting a 100% guarantee that I was going to hire him. Of course I did, because of his optimal service, his easy going manner and his great communication skills. I would highly recommend this service!
Lina Nguyen
Lina Nguyen
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Jenevieve was professional and very helpful to me. He gave me great advices and took the time to answer all my questions. Thank you for your services and your time! I highly recommend this company for all your tax services.
John S.
John S.
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The response that I received was quick, friendly, and complete. Philippe did not hold back information and made it easy to make the decision to continue with his company. The fee was fair and reasonable for the skills and service provided. Good job!
Mark Lipovsek
Mark Lipovsek
Read More
Excellent, efficient and professional service. Explained in great detail the process and time frame involved. Documentation prepared and forwarded without delay. Instant response and communication second to none. A true pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

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