ITIN and Professional License: A Misguided Requirement

Nowadays, pursuing a professional career in the United States often involves obtaining a professional license. These licenses, issued by the states, are a crucial component of numerous careers, ranging from lawyers and nurses to engineers and accountants. However, some states have adopted a requirement that may seem harmless but can actually cause considerable difficulties: the […]

Obtaining an ITIN for Renting Your Property on Airbnb: The Challenge and Solutions

Introduction to ITIN Requirement for Airbnb Rentals With the growth of the short-term rental market in the United States, many foreign property owners are looking to rent their real estate on platforms like Airbnb. However, Airbnb now requires an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) from non-resident owners renting their accommodation on the platform. While this […]

The IRS able to maintain operations even in the event of government shutdown

According to recent union statements, although funded through the provisions of the tax and climate law, the IRS is eagerly awaiting the final guidelines from the Treasury Department. Doreen Greenwald, who presides over the national union of Treasury employees, shared during a press conference that despite the current uncertainty, action plans are primarily based on […]

Obtaining an EIN without an ITIN: Demystifying the Process

Introduction to Obtaining an EIN without an ITIN Many entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in the United States are faced with a question that might seem complex: is it necessary to have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? The confusion surrounding this question is understandable, as the […]

The History of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

When we think of taxes, the complexity and nuances of the tax system often come to mind. However, at the heart of this vast machinery lies an institution that has evolved with the changing needs of the United States: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Let’s dive deep into this rich history to see how the […]

The Difference Between an ITIN and an EIN

Introduction to American Taxation: In the realm of American taxation, it’s essential to understand the distinction between the ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and the EIN (Employer Identification Number). These two identification numbers play specific roles in the U.S. tax system. The ITIN for Non-Residents: The ITIN is a number assigned to an individual and […]

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