Obtaining an EIN without an ITIN: Demystifying the Process

Introduction to Obtaining an EIN without an ITIN

Many entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in the United States are faced with a question that might seem complex: is it necessary to have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? The confusion surrounding this question is understandable, as the online system of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires an ITIN to get an EIN. However, the reality is that you do not need an ITIN to obtain an EIN. In fact, the process should follow the reverse order.

Main Functions of the EIN and ITIN

An EIN is an identification number that the IRS uses to identify business entities. It is necessary for many business operations, including opening a business bank account, filing business tax returns, and managing employees. An ITIN, on the other hand, is a tax identification number for individuals who are not eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN) but need to report income in the United States.

Alternative Procedure to Obtain an EIN

The first important thing to understand is that an ITIN is not required to get an EIN. If you try to obtain an EIN online and the IRS system asks for an ITIN, do not worry. There is another way to obtain an EIN: you can fax or mail your request to the IRS. Using this method, you will not need to provide an ITIN.

Obtaining an ITIN through Your Business

After obtaining your EIN, if you also need to get an ITIN, you can do so by demonstrating that you are a partner in the business entity. For example, you can provide documents from the Limited Liability Company (LLC) showing that you are a partner. Once you have these documents, you are eligible to apply for an ITIN.

Key Steps to Follow in the Obtaining Process

However, it is crucial to note that although you can obtain an ITIN for an LLC or partnership, the business entity must first have an EIN. Without an EIN, you will not be able to obtain an ITIN for your business. That is why it is essential to start by getting the EIN before applying for an ITIN.

Conclusion and Additional Assistance

In summary, an ITIN is not required to get an EIN. On the contrary, you must first obtain an EIN, and then use your business entity’s documents to prove your eligibility for an ITIN. If you encounter difficulties in obtaining these numbers, do not hesitate to contact us. At Snowbird Taxes Services, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you navigate this process.

Remember that despite the challenges and potential confusion, obtaining an EIN and an ITIN is a significant step in establishing your business in the United States. With the right approach and adequate support, you can overcome these hurdles and focus on what really matters: growing and prospering your business.


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