The IRS able to maintain operations even in the event of government shutdown

According to recent union statements, although funded through the provisions of the tax and climate law, the IRS is eagerly awaiting the final guidelines from the Treasury Department. Doreen Greenwald, who presides over the national union of Treasury employees, shared during a press conference that despite the current uncertainty, action plans are primarily based on the contingency plan from the previous year.

Greenwald highlighted the IRS’s plan to use the funds obtained through Joe Biden’s legislative framework on taxes and climate to ensure the continuity of operations in case of a government shutdown. She also emphasized the reduction of a significant portion of the IRS’s initial budget, a direct consequence of the agreement between Biden and the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.

Reactions and Perspectives of IRS Leaders

According to Danny Werfel, the IRS commissioner, discussing the IRS’s plans at this stage would be premature, given that he is still waiting for directives from the Office of Management and Budget, as well as from the Treasury Department. Despite the imminence of a statement, no IRS spokesperson was available to comment on the situation.

Political Tensions and Risk of Government Shutdown

As the end of September approaches, the risk of a government shutdown remains, mainly due to disagreements within the Republican party on various crucial financing issues. The current political situation hinders the adoption of the majority of the annual financing laws.

This week, a vote is expected on a GOP initiative in the House, seeking to extend government funding by one month. This proposal, stemming from a recent agreement between GOP negotiators, contemplates a temporary 8% cut in federal agency expenditures, coupled with a resumption of work on the border wall.

Historical Reminder: The Consequences of a Government Shutdown on the IRS

It should be recalled that during the previous government shutdown between 2018 and 2019, the IRS was forced to suspend many of its services, severely affecting its efficiency and customer service, although tax refunds continued.

At the beginning of the month, the NARFE urged Congress to avoid another government shutdown, highlighting the potential adverse effects on the economy and public trust. William Shackelford, the president of NARFE, stressed the fundamental commitment of Congress to ensure government funding in order to prevent economic chaos and a disruption of public services.


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